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Nothing is more important than understanding each other correctly. Each discipline has hundreds or thousands of specific terms, as does the steel (construction) sector.

It is even more difficult to understand these very specific terms from another language. However, there is an increasing need for this within a Europe-without-borders. Google Translate (or others) more often hit the ball wrong than get it right.

For decades, the European steel (construction) sector has had glossaries for this purpose. In 2002, an important step was taken by bringing them together and digitising them.

In 2019, the technology from 2002 was no longer satisfactory, and ECCS and Infosteel made this data available to everyone, online and free of charge.

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EST. 2002

Made available as a CD-Rom in 2002, the original ECCS Lexicon of technical terms for steel construction has been a team effort.  It has not been prepared by linguïsts, but by highly qualified technicians, to be used by their professional colleagues, technical translators, interpreters, as well as teachers and students.

The ECCS Lexicon was based on the three following publications :

Lexicon - Technical terms used for Steel Construction and related fields

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Lexique anglais-français de termes de construction métallique

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Lexique de Construction Métallique et de Résistance des Matériaux

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This partners were involved :

Steel Lexicon

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